About Sam

I have been involved in photography over 10 years. I thank God, who gave me this talent to see the moment. On the wedding day, I enjoy capturing real life as it happens. My images are distinctive and fresh because I am not bound by preconceived ideas and the “rules” of traditional wedding photography. Your day is real and so are your images!
I had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. I facilitate with natural light, lyrical use of line. My images ask the audience to pause, explore and think and react. Me myself and I strives to do the same.
Two of my greatest passions in life are travel and photography. I believe that travel broadens one’s view of the world. Experiencing different cultures, meeting people and sometimes the ugliness of the world has helped me see the “moment”. Through wedding photography I seek to document your experiences, to capture scenes and events as I see them and to share with others the beauty and diversity of the moment I have seen.
As the images of other photographers have inspired me to explore the world I hope my own contributions will inspire others to do the same. I view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such, I often use the tools of modern photography-different film stocks, filters, digital enhancement- to try to capture in an image the emotions I felt at the moment I tripped the shutter.
  • Rosey Roy - September 28, 2020 - 10:09 am

    Hi Sam, wondering how much you charge for an anniversary session and what your availability looks like for next weekend? My husband and I are celebrating 20 years! I look forward to hearing back from you 🙂

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